• Chicken salad sandwich
  • Henry Anthony
  • Reuben with kraut sandwich
  • Delicious food on a rounded plate

Starving Artist Cafe


Kim K opened Starving Artist in 2015 to have a place where artists could come to paint and show their work in a fun and inviting setting. This eventually turned into a place with amazing food, and service, and a place where artists of all types could come and share their talents with the community. In August of 2022, she passed on the Paint Brush and Chef's hat to Shanna and Jamie W.

Shanna and Jamie are both Navy Veterans who have a passion for helping people and serving the community. Shanna is a Chef and Artist who has worked in a variety of restaurants and has a passion for family, neighbors, and people in general. She shows her love through her cooking and baking. Jamie is a retired Senior Chief of 24 years who spends much of his off time looking to help the community and is also the Scoutmaster of Troop 5 BSA. He is now known as "The Muffin Man" with fun and fresh muffins every weekend.